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Yolanda Ragland

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Yolanda Ragland is a married mother of two wonderful kids and one grandchild. She is a proud resident of Ypsilanti Township since buying her first home in 2003.

She grew up in Ann Arbor, MI and had the privilege of being raised by strong, hard-working parents, both UAW members of Ford Motor Co. Her mother retired from Ford Motor Co. and Yolanda is following her lead with 22 years of continued service and counting. She is honored to serve on our Union as a previous UAW District Representative and currently a National Appointed UAW Alternate ESSP Representative for the UAW Local 3000.


With her diverse background and experience with family loss, she finds it rewarding to offer her sincere concern and U of M training to employees in need of various services affecting their well-being. She is also the Executive Director for Elevation Youth Corp. after losing her nineteen year old son, Brandon D. Cross in 2017 to gun violence. On her path to healing she co-founded the non-profit organization EYC with her husband. The organization targets at risk teens with mentorship and training centered around the creative arts, entrepreneur career building and community service.


Working with teens and the creative arts has always been Yolanda’s passion. She has years of experience in coaching, fashion and the entertainment industry. Our movement is channeled towards the artistic development and growth of the youth in our Ypsilanti community and surrounding areas.

Outside of work and giving back she enjoys public speaking, hosting events, spending time with her family and furthering her education at Davenport University.

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